University Housing Parking Lots

Limited residential parking is available for Daniels Hall and Sherman Hall residents, and for apartment residents at Ashton Woods, Goodwin-Green, and Orchard Downs. 

For residents of Daniels, Sherman Hall and Goodwin-Green apartments: Apply for a parking permit at the Parking Department. The University's Parking Department determines the annual fee, bills your account, and distributes the permit from their office. 

For residents of Ashton Woods and Orchard Downs: Request parking for one of these two Housing locations. 

Each Ashton Woods and Orchard Downs leaseholder is eligible for one parking permit each lease year.  If a leaseholder has a dependent (spouse, parent, etc.) living with them in their apartment, the leaseholder may apply for a second permit for their dependent's car. At Orchard Downs, there is enough parking for one vehicle per family. If you have a second car, it should be parked in the “L” lot at the far south end of the complex. 

Current residents who already have registered their car and have a green parking permit, will continue to use that permit through the 2021-2022 lease year.  To update a green parking permit for the 2021-2022 lease year, residents are asked to bring their current one to the Family & Graduate Housing Office.   

Current residents or new residents who need to register their car and obtain a parking permit, will need to apply. The Family & Graduate Housing Office will notify residents by email when their parking hangtag is ready to be picked up at the office.

Appropriate parking permits must be hung on the rear view mirror of the vehicle window. Permits are valid through July 31 each year. Permits must be returned with keys prior to vacating the apartment.

Parking Department Lots

For the other residence hall locations, please contact the University's Parking Department, which is located at 1201 W. University Avenue in Urbana.

The Parking Department lots closest to University Housing residence halls are listed below for your convenience.

Urbana Residence Halls: (Allen, Babcock, Blaisdell, Busey-Evans, Carr, Lincoln, Oglesby, Saunders, and Trelease): F23 near corner of Lincoln and Florida Avenues

Ikenberry Commons Residence Halls (Barton, Bousfield, Hopkins, Lundgren, Nugent, Scott, Snyder, Taft, Van Doren, and Weston): E14 west of State Farm Center and south of Kirby Avenue, between First and Oak Streets