LaFrae Sci

Composer, drummer, and educator who uses music to try to heal the world.

January 27–February 7

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LAFRAE SCI believes music can heal the world and is trying to do her part one day at a time. She is an internationally sought composer, drummer, and educator who teaches at Jazz at Lincoln Center and is a founding teaching member of the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls in NYC. As a Cultural Ambassador for the U.S. State Department, she has taught master classes and performed in more than thirty countries. This experience led LaFrae to develop and launch Groove Diplomacy, whose mission is to create youth engagement programs internationally using musical expression as a vehicle to empower, ignite, heal, and create mutual understanding. Groove Diplomacy has co-created programming in New York City, Guatemala, and Siberia, employing creative expression across modalities to explore issues pertaining to social justice, leadership, teacher-training, mindfulness, and finding one’s own voice.

All events are free and open to the public and take place in Allen Hall, 1005 W. Gregory Drive, Urbana, unless noted otherwise.

Sunday, January 27

7 pm Groove Diplomacy with LaFrae Sci (South Rec Room)
Introductory evening with Drummer/Composer/Educator and founder of Groove Diplomacy, LaFrae Sci who will share some stories, rhythms, and soundscapes from her work in 35 countries using music as a multidisciplinary vehicle to inspire and empower. 

Monday, January 28

7 pm – Art and Activism (South Rec Room)
"What is art?" "What is activism?" and what are some exciting examples in music, visual, and guerrilla art

Tuesday,  January 29

7 pm – Conversation with an Elder (South Rec) 
Facilitated conversation with LaFrae’s great aunt who is 102 years old and one of the first African American educators in the Champaign-Urbana area.

9 pm – Tea Time hosted by Eusa Nia, Allen Hall’s Black Student Union (guest apartment)
Informal chat. Snacks and drinks provided.

Wednesday, January 30

9 pm – Intention is the Engine (guest apartment)
Whether writing a term paper or a symphony, setting intention is a powerful way to focus our efforts. We will explore ways to do this in everyday life. Snacks and drinks provided. 

Thursday, January 31

7 pm – Improvisation and Innovation (South Rec)
We will use a variety of games and activities to explore what is improvisation, and how can its powerful process lead to innovation in one’s own life.  

Friday, February 1

2 pm–5 pm – Improvisers Exchange Workshop (Smith 25, 805 S. Matthews Ave, Urbana)
Further explorations in jazz and collective improvisation. All are welcome.

Saturday, February 2

4 pm – LaFrae Sci joins Allen Hall’s Theater Bums for games and collaborative composition (South Rec)
All are welcome!  

Monday,February 4

7 pm – Finding Your Own Voice (South Rec Room)

Join us for interactive, improvisational games that help us learn thinking and creating outside of the box, and the art of asking questions and making mistakes.

9 pm – Love and Gratitude (guest apartment)
How to incorporate these valuable tools into life as a verb, not a noun. Snacks and drinks provided.

Tuesday, February 5

7 pm – Jazz and Social Justice (South Rec) 
Let’s explore jazz music from the civil rights era and beyond and the culture of the music that influenced and changed the world.

9 pm – Understanding Swing and Groove (guest apartment)
How rhythm effects personal & professional relationships and how to plug into the groove. Snacks and drinks provided.

Wednesday, February 6

9 pm – Service and Entrepreneurship (guest apartment)
How to build community in a "winner takes all" world. Snacks and drinks provided. 

Thursday, February 7

9 pm – Speak Life! Vibrations of Healing (guest apartment)
The power of words, binaural beats, and sound waves on the brain.  Will involve listening and discussing experiences. (Bring non bluetooth headphones so you can plug in) Snacks and drinks provided.